Jesse Sweet, Groundworks Industries’ New Director of Licensing and Compliance

Jesse Sweet, Groundworks Industries’ New Director of Licensing and Compliance

Director of Administrative Policy and Process Jesse Sweet Leaves The OLCC; Joins Cannabis Leader Groundworks Industries As Licensing and Compliance Expert

Groundworks Industries is proud to announce the hiring of Jesse Sweet, the former Director of Administrative Policy and Process at the Oregon Liquor Control Commission who helped craft cannabis rules and regulations for Oregon’s recreational cannabis industry. Effective immediately, Sweet is the new Director of Licensing and Compliance at Groundworks in Portland, OR.

After joining the OLCC back in 2010, Sweet played a lead role in drafting Oregon’s administrative rules after Measure 91 was approved by voters in 2014. Sweet then headed the OLCC division that adopted cannabis rules and ensured compliance. Sweet also advised on subsequent statutes enacted by the Legislature. With a degree from the University of Oregon School of Law and a sense of awareness of the moving parts to this industry, Sweet earned a reputation for working with every type of business–from seed to store–in order to learn how to regulate in a more logical way.

“To have someone with such a deep background and knowledge of the compliance rules we all follow is a huge benefit for our growing cannabis business. We work extremely hard to stay compliant in all aspects of our business and expect that Jesse will ensure we are the most compliant cannabis company in the state,” says Geoff Sugerman, Groundworks Chief Compliance Officer.

During his time at the OLCC, Sweet was described by local media outlets like the Willamette Week as the “referee of the cannabis game”—a referee who strived to protect an equal playing field, prioritizing issues like the saturation in the adult use market and balancing the wellbeing of medical patients with the need for strong regulations that withstand federal scrutiny.

“This company is my first choice for working in the cannabis industry outside of the OLCC,” says Sweet. “Groundworks has consistently demonstrated the thorough and thoughtful approach required to build an enduring cannabis company, while keeping compliance a core priority. They take the responsibilities of being a leader in this market seriously.”

Established in 2014, Groundworks Ind. is a forward-thinking company made up of the most scientifically-rigorous and elevated brands in cannabis. The vertically integrated company raised the bar with state-of-the-art production and processing facilities, wholesale distribution and retail channels. Brands include Serra, Electric Lettuce, Farma and Pruf Cultivar, with more announcements to come during this period of expansion and growth into the California market. Groundworks’ thoughtful acquisitions are an investment in its mission to push limits, increase opportunities and transform the perception of the cannabis industry.

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