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Pruf Cultivar, pioneer in cutting-edge cannabis cultivation, announces the addition of renowned industry expert Jeremy Plumb as director of production science. In his position, Plumb brings years of experience in cannabis cultivation and agricultural technology, allowing Prūf Cultivar to set industry standards for quality, specialization and consistency of cannabis production. The addition of Plumb marks a new chapter for the Oregon-based grower, with an eye to advance sustainable growing techniques, drive adoption of new technologies in the industry, and to create an entirely new system of genetic profiles for cannabis.

Prior to joining Prūf Cultivar, Jeremy Plumb consulted with cannabis researchers in Israel, advised members of US Congress on cannabis policy, and founded the Cultivation Classic, Oregon’s leading ethically grown cannabis competition. He also serves on the technical advisory committee of the Resource Innovation Institute, is the executive director of the Open Cannabis Project, and is co-founder of Portland-based dispensary, Farma.

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