Men, don’t run away screaming when I say this, but prepare to throw away your dirty bongs and burn your stash boxes. Ditch all your old paraphernalia and say sayonara to your regular low-rent weed shop. You’re not in high school anymore, so put down that make-shift apple pipe and stumble down to Portland’s Serra recreational and medical dispensary, where they will help elevate your smoking style from slacker stoner to cannabis lifestyle connoisseur.

With two stores already up and running and the launch of Serra’s Belmont Bodega location happening this weekend, I visited Marketing Director Chasity Roesler and Brand Director Cambria Benson at their downtown Portland location to ogle some high-quality buds and bongs and hear more about their drive to bring luxury, quality, and elegance into cannabis culture, all while normalizing and personalizing the retail process. 

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PressValerie Yermal