During Design Week Portland 2018 held from April 14 to 21, 2018, two cannabis ventures sponsored open houses to give the public a glimpse into their work. Serra, a curated retail and experiential cannabis lifestyle brand, opened their downstairs location and corporate office where they highlighted all their brands. Included in their display was their chocolate made in partnership with Pruf Cultivar and Woodblock Chocolate which they also showcased at TechFestNW. (All samples for consumption were non-infused.)

Chasity Roesler, Marketing Director for Serra, noted why they participate in ventures like TechFestNW and Design Week Portland. “It’s about reaching customers at a different level. So it’s not always participating in the cannabis space but also looking at unique venues where we can showcase our brand. Pruf Cultivar is a particularly technically driven company. So, it was a great fit for TechFestNW and what we’re doing with our grow spaces. In Design Week, Serra is very designed focused and it’s a beautiful blend of art meets cannabis and having that venue where we can showcase our pieces.” 

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