When entering the doors of Serra, a sophisticated yet approachable design has you forgetting you just entered a cannabis dispensary. Lit and lively, Serra differentiates itself from the market with an unexpected and elevated retail setting. Leveraging Portland’s talent, Serra was intentional in resourcing local craftsman, makers and artists to create a truly unique space. From branding to light fixtures, flower to floor tile, every element of Serra embodies the efforts of creating a modern approach to a new, and exciting industry. Though, it isn’t simply the space that will impress, product and service are the keystones of Serra as they provide quality merchandise with the most artful shopping experience.

Creating a brand focused on consumer culture and experience, Serra understands the responsibility in connecting with a new consumer and aims to do so in a non-intimidating, education-centric manner. Through their intentional “Feel All the Feelings” campaign, docents (budtenders) guide customers through anticipated feelings, helping one achieve a targeted expression to assist in selecting one of Serra’s carefully curated flower choices. Thus, creating a uniquely guided approach for those new to sativa vs. indica, THC and CBD.  

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PressValerie Yermal