The newest addition to our family of grass shacks opened this week on North Interstate Avenue. Located in the former Jeffrey’s Joint space, (which was Green Sky Collective before that), this pop-up provides a taste of the cosmic goodness to come.

Our largest mural yet is still in process, a kaleidoscope of color to match the Alibi’s cherished glow across the street. Inside, the current space features an ADA-accessible layout with the same funky touch of late-1960s charm. Doobie-worthy views at the Skidmore Bluffs and the bustle of North Mississippi Avenue are just a quick stroll away, and the yellow MAX line nearly brings you to the front door. Whether starting or ending a day in North Portland, you can depend on Electric Lettuce Overlook to have the right ingredients for the rest of your adventure.

When you’re ready to shop, spark up a conversation with one of our grass guides and they’ll send you the right direction. Follow along with @electriclettuce_ on Instagram for updates, pre-sale codes and the grooviest of goodies. Be there, be square, be in a wheelchair--doesn’t matter, just be yourself and you’ll feel at home.

Learn more at electriclettuce.com.