Produced by the Willamette Week and Smart Cannabis, the scientifically-rigorous Cultivation Classic was co-founded by Jeremy Plumb (Director of Production at Pruf Cultivar). This year’s cannabis competition included 145 entries from Oregon’s most sustainable, organic and progressive operations.

What makes the competition unique is that instead of a panel of exclusively cannabis cultivators, 160 of the city's most prolific chefs, brewers, bakers, and connoisseurs take 30 days to review and carefully score the state's finest cultivars. Detailed surveys are completed with every session, which are compiled and averaged across all judges for each cultivar’s score. 

Pruf Cultivar won the Ladies’ Choice award with Astral Works, their exclusive 2:1 CBD-dominant strain. The aggregated data from all Cult Classic judges showed that overall, across the hundreds of strain entries, female and male judges agreed on what they liked more than they didn’t. But out of all the strains entered, Astral Works showed the most significant uptick when it comes to the enjoyment of female judges versus male.

Pruf Cultivar had a booth present, where attendees were able to learn about the Innovation Lab and some of the never-seen-before terpene profiles coming down the line. Plumb took the stage himself during the panel on Production Science, alongside Alison Justice, PhD, OutCo; Lasse Schulze, Cronos Group; and Guy Rocourt of Papa & Barkley. The experienced group of large scale producers discussed the challenging combination of major cannabis production and a rapidly transforming climate, research and development at hand and the road ahead.

However, flower wasn’t the only topic of discussion at last weekend’s event.

At the Serra Confections cart, the stylish brand teased the latest update to their offerings: Serra x Woodblock Chocolate, take two. The same moderately-dosed, bean-to-bar chocolates, with a whole new look and fresh flavors available in un-infused samples to Cult Classic attendees. 

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